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Bolong is the one of a kind infinite runner game you had ever seen. Bolong is a color spirit which is on its journey to spread colors in a dull and lifeless planet.

What makes it's concept state of the art?

- Bolong continuously sheds its body (which is made up of colored particles) while moving forward. This causes the decrease in its size, so we have to feed it with the right color to keep it moving. This is the one of a way by which you can end your game ;)

- The good thing is "You can change its color!!!" by collecting the magical sand particles. And it will still remember its previous color which will make it resistant for previous colors. It'll be clear if you'll play the game. 

- "Nanaka" are the neutral colored particles and currency of the game.

- "Prastara" are the rare gems which are limited and hidden in the planet, if collected then will help Bolong to regain its life.

If this short desc doesn't makes you exited then please leave a comment or feedback about the game, I'm happy to hear it and do the changes :)

Install instructions

I've provided the apk of my game, if anyone is interested in playing it in desktop then please leave a comment.


Bolong.apk 17 MB

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